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JSC “Lonas” is one of the “LONAS” group companies, the principal activity of which is the production and sale of mattresses. We have been operating in the Lithuanian market since 1993 and have developed excellent expertise in materials, their combinations and properties. We have come to a conclusion that what suits the southerner does not necessarily suits us, the Lithuanians. The feedbacks from our buyers and long-term experience encouraged us to apply the gained know-how in the production of mattresses, which would, first of all, be comfortable for those, who admire the seasonal variation and breathe the same air that we, the Lithuanians, do.

The year 2011 was of particular importance for us – we launched a new collection of “breathing” mattresses consisting of the three lines of mattresses. “TYLA®” represents the mattresses with air-permeable pocket springs, “HARMONIJA®” – body conforming visco-elastic mattresses and “MŪZA®” – new technology durable latex mattresses.

In the national competition Lithuanian design prize “GERAS DIZAINAS” (“GOOD DESIGN”), “LONAS” collection of Lithuanian mattresses was awarded with the “GOOD DESIGN” diploma.

One of the mattresses of this collection, “TYLA®***”, won the title of the “Lithuanian Product of the Year 2012” and was awarded with the golden medal.

Another two Lithuanian mattresses of LONAS collection, “HARMONIJA®***” and “MŪZA®***”, were awarded with golden medals in the “Lithuanian Product of the Year 2013” competition.

As the time does not stand still, we are also moving forward at full speed and inspired by the music. At the end of 2013 we launched a new musical collection of “LONAS” beds, including ten beds, twelve accessories and a wide selection of textures and colours of materials. By improvising, it is possible to create as much as 14,400 different combinations that can turn your bedroom into a cosy, stylish and unique oasis of the peace. 

When creating mattresses for the Lithuanian collection and a new musical collection of beds, we gave priority to the European recognised and certified materials characterised by high quality, environmental friendliness and compliance with the safety requirements. The exclusive advantage of “Lonas” is a meticulous handwork of the Lithuanian artists.

The “Classic” line mattresses are also produced under the same criteria. These mattresses are time-tested and appreciated among our buyers due to the perfect combination of quality and price.

“Lonas” is associated not only with mattresses. To ensure our buyers with as sweet sleep and relaxation as possible, we also offer mattress toppers, bed lattice, pillows, small mattresses and soft furnishings for children.

Our each product will provide you with peace, health and opportunity to enjoy life each and every day.


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