Living room, Bedroom

Furniture fabric “Optimata” produces furniture of natural spruce wood, decorated with cherry, walnut or light oak colour. The collection is highlighted with polished chrome, aged aluminium details and fittings. In its production “Optimata” uses only superior class, carefully chosen, high-quality, strong and nice spruce wood (without branches), which is close to Sycamore by its structure.

The main design line is ART DECO, however, it is possible to see the hints of other styles, such as BRAVO, which is characterised by the influence of French classical elements and the  Moroccan style. This line is characterised by stair cut-outs. DORIS – a bit of English colonial and 1930s eclectics; the entire line is characterised by wood carvings. N.Y. is the true ART DECO – abstract geometrical shapes (this line is characterised by pyramids) connecting the classic and modern. LILLIAN is a completely new design level. The line is unified by rounded forms – massive and irradiating subtle luxury – MODERN. “Optimata” RITZ furniture reflects the technologies of Italian furniture manufacture and work with wood.

“Optimata” masters were trained by Italian masters, who conveyed the 100-year long experience of furniture manufacture and embodied the furniture history in their models.


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