SC VAIBERTA is a furniture factory, whose main activity is the production of solid-pack furniture.
JSC VAIBERTA produces:

  • Quality custom furniture, designed according to your needs.
  • Standard economy-class furniture line, which consists of a bedroom, hallway, children room and other furniture (wardrobes, beds, chests of drawers).

JSC VAIBERTA standard furnitureline is sold as a:

  • Wholesale: we supply furniture to showrooms, shops and partners.
  • Retail: our furniture is exposed in the shop in BALDU ROJUS, at Kalvariju st. 125, Vilnius.

We have a wide selection of office furniture: cupboards, cabinets, shelves with drawers, with or without doors, desks, table extensions, drawer units on wheels.
After almost ten years of experience accumulation, the company has acquired trust and recommendations not only of private clients but also of budgetary institutions (nurseries, kindergartens, schools, care homes, hospitals, boarding homes, museums, beauty service institutions), and corporate customers.
JSC VAIBERTA successfully participates in public procurement procedures.
We cooperate with other furniture suppliers, so we can offer a fully comprehensive range of furniture.
The factory is founded in Šiauliai, but we operate throughout Lithuania.

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